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Challenger Spectroscope Tutorial
This is a very rough draft page of how to use a Challenger spectroscope.

Front of Challenger Spectroscope
1MonitorMonitor that allows you to see the spectral reading from the spectroscope.
2Nanometer ReadoutNanometer readout showing you the position of the nanometer bar (ID #12) on the monitor. As you can see the current reading is at 691nm and there is no absorption at this wavelength. There are two distinct lines just to the right around 700nm and 710nm for this synthetic ruby gemstone.
3CameraCamera used to capture the results from the spectroscope.
4Nm Readout
Silver L-shaped cover lifts up to allow light in to illuminate the nanometer readout (ID #12) on the monitor.
5Spectral ScrollNotched black knob on the back of the spectroscope rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise to scroll the spectral reading that is displayed on the monitor. As the knob is turned the nanometer readout (ID #2) will move up and down to show the movement across the spectrum.
6Nm LinkLinkage from the nanometer readout (ID #2) to the spectroscope.
7Height AdjustNotched silver knob to raise and lower the spectroscope to the light base (ID #10).
8Tilt AdjustGray knob to tilt the spectroscope for better readings from the light base (ID #10). Adjusting the spectroscope tilt (ID #8) will get optimal lighting through the gemstone.
9Gem ClipStandard gem clip for holding the gemstone over the light base (ID #10).
10LightbaseStandard light base with iris and dimmer (ID #11).
11DimmerBlack knob is dimmer for light intensity control. Silver toggle switch turns light base on and off. Adjusting the light base dimmer will maximize the camera's sensitivity to the absorption spectra from the gemstone.
12Nm MarkerLight bar descending from top of screen is precision nanometer marker. The marker does not move. It allows the viewer to determine within 2 to 3 nanometers the wavelength of light absorption in the spectral reading (ID #13) just below it on the monitor.
13Absorption SpectraAbsorption Spectra reading from spectroscope. The reading can be scrolled left and right by turning the large black knob (ID #5).
14Monitor ControlsThe main controls for the monitor. The far left button controls brightness. The middle button controls contrast. The toggle button on the right is the power button. Note that the position of the buttons on the left shown in the photograph are the ideal. Minimal brightness and maximum contrast are preferred. Adjusting the spectroscope tilt (ID #8) will get optimal lighting through the gemstone. Adjusting the light base dimmer (ID #11) will maximize the camera's sensitivity to the absorption spectra from the gemstone.

Back of Challenger Spectroscope

Note the large black knob on the back of the spectroscope. This is what you will turn to scroll the absorption spectra reading on the monitor.

Front of Challenger Spectroscope

Close up of the Nanometer Readout Lighting Adjust (ID #4). The L-shaped silver cover allows you to control the amount of light used to illuminate the stationary white bar at the top of the monitor that shows you within 2 to 3 nm which wavelength of light is at that location on screen.

Nanometer Readout Linkage to Spectroscope

Close up of V1 connection to spectrocope from the Nanometer Readout (ID #2).

Connections V2 and V3

Close up of connection v2 from video camera to monitor and v3 from video camera to power adaptor.

Backside of Monitor

Close up of connection v4 from videocamera to monitor.

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