International Schools of Gemology

  The schools and classes listed here have excellent programs and are held in high esteem in the gemological community.

This listing was compiled from information provided by the schools and institutions as we requested and from their websites. Some classes are available on an individual basis. The price listed is for the complete program leading to diploma or certification. As always, prices and requirements are subject to change. Currency conversion was done on 6/15/2008, using Schools with an "*" by there name have had the information verified by the school itself.

This is a work in progress, if you can fill in any of the missing blanks, please let us know! We will need to know the source of the information to keep everything kosher.

A list of free online tutorials can be found here.

(Alphabetical Listing)
HQ &
# of locations
Date Founded Distance Study
Appx.Cost for Diploma for Certification Title On Completion Accredited?/
Founded by
Pre Reqs Public / Private or Nonprofit
Asian Institute of Gemmological Sciences (AIGS)* Bangkok, Thailand 1978 No $6,250 A.G. (Accredited Gemologist) Founded by
President, Henry Ho
High School Level English Private/Nonprofit
Canadian Gemmological Association Toronto, Canada 1958 Yes 2150.00 CAD (about $2088) FCGmA - Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association ? ? ?
Canadian Institute of Gemmology Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1983 ? ? AG (CIG), Accredited Gemmologist. ? ? ?

Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft (DGemD)

Idar-Oberstein, Germany 1932 No 4,500.00 Euros (about $6915) FGG, Fellow of the German Gemmological Association Certificates by the German Foundation for Gem Research (DSEF) ? ?
Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA) 6 state divisions in Australia 1945 ? contact individual division for pricing FGAA, Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia ? ? ?
Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GemA)* London, England /40 Allied Teaching Centers worldwide First Diploma
Yes + in person practicals £6,895 on campus($14,435) / £3,090 distance
Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain
Accredited by QCA
(UK Govít agency)
? Nonprofit
Private Charity
Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Carlsbad, CA /14 Education Locations worldwide 1931 Yes w/ 3
in-person labs (at satellite locations)
$15,500 on campus
$7420 for distance
Graduate Gemologist
(US Dept of Ed
High School Nonprofit
International Gemological Institute (IGI) Antwerp, Belgium 1982

for diamonds

? ? ? ? ?
International Gem Society (IGS)* Online Only 1998 Yes $59 for yearly membership, $30 grading fee per test, $200 deposit for study stones (returned when stones are.) Professional Gemologist (PG) Founded by
Don Clark,CSM IMG
? ?
Dr. Barbara Smigel's Online Gemology Course* College of Southern Nevada, and online 2004 Yes Free or cost of class tuition through college Can be taken for credit as Geology 115 at CSN through distance education dept. C.S.N. is an accredited college.
Dr. Smigel is a Emeritus Professor, and a GG.
none nonprofit