PR Refractometer

Portable refractometer with easy to read viewer and scratch resistant lense with a rugged metal black or silver case. Measures Refractive Index (RI) from 1.3 to 1.8. 15mm eye piece and polarizing filter. Has battery powered sealed internal light source. Button on right side switches light on and off. The light source is white with a filter to make the lightwave 589.3nm (yellow.) Wavelength filter on light source produces a crisp clear line on refractive index scale. Filter is not removable. Refractometers are tested for calibration at the factory, and again by us before we ship them to you.

♦ Includes protective carrying case
♦ Minimum division: 0.01
♦ Accuracy +/- 0.02
♦ Size: 115 x 35 x 63 mm
♦ Weight: 12 oz
♦ Instructions for use
♦ Power Source: 3 1.5v batteries included

Made in China (as are most, even if someone puts a different label on it.)

Does NOT include RI Liquid. RI Liquid is needed to use this instrument. It can be purchased here:

Replacement batteries: LR44 button batteries. Energizer 357 is one brand name. They are available at most drug and Wal-mart type stores in the hearing aid / watch battery section.

This item is covered by our one year warranty!
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