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Gemology Tools Professional Software

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Gemology Tools Professional is Windows software that contains the most comprehensive gemology references available. This program is intended for the gemologist/appraiser, the gemology student or the casual gemstone enthusiast. Included are such gemology aids as the Gemstone Database which gives you access to information on over 1,950 gemstone species, varieties, trade names and misnomers.

Also included are the Diamond Weight Estimator, the Colored Stone Weight Estimator, the Pearl Grader (based on the system developed by The Guide), the diamond cut grading system devised by NAJA, a round diamond re-cutting analyzer and much, much more. The Gemstone Database provides over 30 facts, properties and characteristics for most gemstones. Black OpalOver 1000 gemstone photographs are included. The Gemstone Database also features the new Gemstone Separator, the easiest way to make a gem identification and the new Inclusion Gallery which provides you with over 350 visual examples of gemstone and diamond inclusions and surface features.

With access to over 1,950 gemstone species, varieties, trade names and misnomers you can look up just about any fact, property, characteristic or photograph in just seconds. With over 1000 gemstone photographs, rough and cut, you can get a visual representation of many gemstones and gemstone inclusions. You can sort the database by Specific Gravity which gives you a look at the densest (or least dense) gems, or by Refractive Index to see which gems have the highest RI (or the lowest RI). You can use the Visual Crown Angle calculator to get a look at how the crown angle changes when the table width or crown height is changed. You can visit the Inclusion Gallery to view all kinds of inclusions or surface features.

Contains all this and more:
  • Diamond Weight Estimations
  • Colored Stone Weight Estimations
  • Gemstone Database (524 Gems)
  • Gemstone Separator
  • Inclusion Gallery (over 425 photos)
  • Cabochon Weight Estimator
  • Over 1000 Gemstone Photos
  • Color Gemstone Spectrum Images (both Prism and Diffraction)
  • Specific Gravity Calculator
  • NAJA Diamond Cut Grading
  • Gemology Glossary
  • The Guide Akoya Pearl Grader
  • Custom Piece Calculator
  • Diamond Crown Angle Calculator
  • Round Diamond Recut Planner
  • Unit Converter
  • 3 Weight Charts

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    Gemology Tools Professional Software


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