Fun Facts: Birthday Gemstones

It is important to remember that the birthstone color is more important than the type of gemstone. So for example, if you are not ready to give an April Lady a diamond, then you can use any clear sparkling gemstone! We have many of the stones listed available. Click See our inventory here!

Month Birthstone Color Traditional Alternate Birthstones
January Dark Red Garnet Carnelian,
Red Spinel
February Purple Amethyst Morganite,
purple fluorite
March Light Blue Green  Aquamarine  Blue Topaz,
April Clear Diamond White Sapphire,
White Topaz, Clear Quartz
May Green Emerald Green Tourmaline,
June White Luster Pearl Alexandrite, Apophyllite
July Red Ruby Rhodolite Garnet,
August Yellow Green Peridot Tsavorite Garnet,
prasiolite, aventurine
September Royal Blue Sapphire Indicolite,
October White Luster Opal Bi-color Tourmaline,
Rutilated Quartz
November Yellow  Yellow Topaz  Citrine, Heliodor, Sunstone
 December  Light Blue Blue Topaz Iolite,