Selection: 3.98ct Paraiba Tourmaline - Hand Select Gem Rough
  • Family: Tourmaline
  • Variety: Paraiba
  • Size: 8 x 8 x 6mm
  • Treatment: None known
  • Origin: Sao Jose De Batalha Mine, Brazil
  • Carats: 3.98
  • Clarity: [ 70% ],  [ I2 Rating ],  [ C Grade]
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Beautiful all natural untreated purple blue paraiba tourmaline crystal with pristine termination. The stone is well shaped for great yield. Some light cloud/veil inclusions inside which are typical and accepted in this variety. The value of paraibas is out the roof. This is a rare treat and a valuable investment from the famous Sao Jose De Batalha mine. GIA Magazine "Gems & Gemology" noted this new deposit and the accepted heat treatment to bring out the neon colors so prized in paraiba tourmalines.
Item# [paraiba-tourmaline-02122008-1.Y]
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