Selection: 5.99ct Paraiba Tourmaline - Hand Select Gem Rough
  • Family: Tourmaline
  • Variety: Paraiba
  • Size: 9 x 9 x 6mm
  • Treatment: None known
  • Origin: Sao Jose De Batalha Mine, Brazil
  • Carats: 5.99
  • Clarity: [ 60% ],  [ I3 Rating ],  [ C Grade]
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Beautiful all natural untreated purple blue paraiba tourmaline crystal with pristine termination. Heavy inclusions inside near the termination, lighter inclusions near the base. Inclusions are typical and accepted in this variety. The value of paraibas is out the roof. This is a rare treat and a valuable investment from the famous Sao Jose De Batalha mine. GIA Magazine "Gems & Gemology" noted this new deposit and the accepted heat treatment to bring out the neon colors so prized in paraiba tourmalines.
Item# [paraiba-tourmaline-02142008-1.Y]
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