Selection: 24.7ct Hiddenite - Hand Select Gem Rough
  • Family: Hiddenite
  • Variety: Hiddenite
  • Size: mm
  • Treatment: None
  • Origin: Kumar, Afghanistan
  • Carats: 24.70
  • Clarity: [ 90% ],  [ VS Rating ],  [ A Grade]
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A really pretty set of green chromium colored hiddenite from Afghanistan. These are thin flat pieces great for matching melees or cabbing or collecting. These stones are from a new find in Afghanistan that has just recently started coming to the states. Hiddenite, NC is where the chromium green colored spodumene was first found, hence the name, and now Afghanistan has only the third deposit ever discovered. These stones easily eclipse the size clarity color and overall quality of the NC material. And I live there!
Item# [hiddenite-04242008-1.Y]
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