Round Brilliant Gem Cutting Instructions - Step by Step
Step Description Instructions Pictures
1Dop the Gem RoughOnce you have selected a stone, grind a flat surface on the crown (top) side of the gem and put in on the dop. Dopping the rough can be done with superglue, epoxy, or wax.
2Set the Index GearMake sure you have the right index gear and set it to the first cut index, typically the largest index on the gear, in this example, it is 64.
3Natural PavilionThe amethyst being cut in this tutorial already has natural crystal faces which look a lot like the cut pavilion will look.
4Prepare to Cut Girdle
5Lower Rubber Bowl for Girdle Cutting
6Lower the Mast
7Turn the Mast Adjustment Knob
8See Mast Lowering
9Continue Turning Mast Knob
10Mast is Lowered
11Start Cutting Girdle
12See Girdle Facets
13Not sure yet
14Mast Close to Lap
15Mast Far from Lap
16Clamp Lever for Mast
17Lowered Clamp Lever of Mast
18Change Angle with Clutch
19Lower Quill to 49 degrees
20Once Degree is set, Check Dial Indicator
21Fine Adjust Dial IndicatorTurn Silver Knob on Right to Fine Adjust Dial Indicator
22Cut Pavilion Facets
23Closeup of Cutting Pavilion
24Check Index Gear
25Change Index Gear to Next Facet
26Cutting the Pavilion Facets
27See Pavilion Mains Preform Cut
28Use Dial Indicator for Precise Cutting Depth
29Dial Indicator Shows Depth of Cut
30Continues to Give Constant Feedback
31Getting Close to Depth Needed
32Dial Indicator at Zero When Done
33Cutting Pavilion on 600 Grit
34See Pavilion Facets Smoothed in at 600 Grit
35See Pavilion Facets Smoothed in at 600 Grit
36Using 3000 Grit Diamond Spray
37See Pavilion Facets Prepolished to 3000 Grit
38See Pavilion Facets Prepolished to 3000 Grit
39Using 50000 Grit Diamond Spray
40See Pavilion Facets Polished to 50000 Grit
41See Pavilion Facets Polished to 50000 Grit
42Transfer Dop
43Trasfer Dop Close up
44Using Special 'T' Superglue for dopping
45See Rough Double Dopped
46See Rough Double Dopped Close up
47Use Solvent to Remove Glue from Crown Side
48Closeup of Solvent on Glue
49Try Removing Dop with Pliers
50Remove Dop with Vise
53Put Dop into Quill
54Preform Crown Main Facets with 300 Grit
55Smooth in Crown Mains with 600 Grit
56Smooth in Crown Facets with 600 Grit
57Prepolish Crown with 3000 Grit
58Polish Crown with 50000 GritCloseup Facet almost completed
59Polish Crown with 50000 Grit
60Tools Used to Align Table Facet
61Prepare Quill with Table Aligner
62Use Tools to Align Table Dop
63Use Tools to Align Table Dop
64Put Rough Dop in Table Dop
65Begin Cutting Table Facet
66Continue Preforming Table Facet
67Prepolish Table Facet
68Polish Table Facet
69Polish Table Facet
70Finished Polishing Table Facet
71Use Solvent to Remove Gem From Dop
72Closeup of Gem with Glue Mess
73Put Gem with Residue in Solvent
74Closeup of Gem in Solvent
75Finished Gem Pictures
76Finished Gem Pictures
77Finished Gem Pictures
78Finished Gem Pictures
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